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PostSubject: INFAMOUS SPOLIERS!!!!!!!! (ENDING)   Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:23 am

Yes i no that it has been forever since i did i post but i have been busyworking and looking sh!t up for new game for this blog.
But either way lets talk about the Infamous ending scene (with was freakin kewl) pretty much you beat Kesser(mind my spelling) with that storm move which should have killed him. But he still is alive to give one more message about some beast thing idk wat it is and dont care but it looks kick ass. so it shows how he had the power to stop it but rah with his family and pretty much said to everyone FUCK YOU save your selfs and then uses a power to go back in time help the first sons with the ray thing then find cole make an big ass boom and show cole that he and kesser when one in the same (which i like the plot twist) and that it u can look up the good ending or the bad ending on your own so yea go have fi\un

be kind repley lol!
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PostSubject: Re: INFAMOUS SPOLIERS!!!!!!!! (ENDING)   Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:56 pm

oh no you ruined the game for me lol

cant wait for number 2

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