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 The Ulimate Showdown of ultimate debaitness (#2)

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PostSubject: The Ulimate Showdown of ultimate debaitness (#2)   Sun May 31, 2009 1:27 am

DivineStrike: whats the fucking point of being alive when were just existing and not working towards anything
EaterofSouls101: should a 15 year old care about the world's polictics?
PnKnG: don't care = ignorance
EaterofSouls101: ...
EaterofSouls101: so i guess
PnKnG: yes you should
EaterofSouls101: everyone
EaterofSouls101: like
EaterofSouls101: 1-10
EaterofSouls101: are igorent?
PnKnG: no
EaterofSouls101: cuz im pretty sure if i try to explain this to a 9 year old
EaterofSouls101: hes not gonna care
EaterofSouls101: at all
PnKnG: they are not able to yet understand it.
PnKnG: but you are able.
DivineStrike: capitalism may give the illusion of freedom but a technocracy doesnt even give you that
EaterofSouls101: but im 15
EaterofSouls101: me understanding it isnt gonna do shit
EaterofSouls101: its fun to debait
PnKnG: but you dicide to turn over and don't care instead.
EaterofSouls101: but i n the end
EaterofSouls101: its a gasme
EaterofSouls101: game
EaterofSouls101: and im bord of this one
EaterofSouls101: lol
EaterofSouls101: its 2:32
EaterofSouls101: and u want me to learn about the banking system?
DivineStrike: east coaster
EaterofSouls101: to you my friend i say fuck off
PnKnG: I've been awaik for 24h
EaterofSouls101: good for you
DivineStrike: why are you two arguing
EaterofSouls101: im cleary not as strong as you are then
EaterofSouls101: gj picking on the weak
DivineStrike: he doesnt want to know well then who care he has the freedom to do and know what he wants
PnKnG: its ignorante people like you that are the downfall for society.
EaterofSouls101: pnk maybe its the lack of sleep for youy
EaterofSouls101: but do you hear yourself?
PnKnG: yes
EaterofSouls101: a 15 year old,at 2:30 in the mourning doesnt wanna learn a whole banking system
EaterofSouls101: and that makes me ignorent?
EaterofSouls101: ds is it me,or is he getting a wee off hand
DivineStrike: seems like
DivineStrike: but i dont see why it matters if he wants to know or not
EaterofSouls101: same
EaterofSouls101: i mean when i grow up im gonna be a game modler
EaterofSouls101: so this doesnt conser me much
DivineStrike: its just like religious missionaries always trying to convert people. zeitgeist has become like a religion
PnKnG: I hate people like you. just rolling over when told and told that they don't matter. you don't want freedom. you only want to be left alone.
EaterofSouls101: your right
EaterofSouls101: i just want to be let alone
EaterofSouls101: its freedom that allows me to make that choice
PnKnG: no
EaterofSouls101: no?
DivineStrike: and the choice for being left alone comes with freedom
EaterofSouls101: last time i checked freedom means you can do anything you want
PnKnG: you don't have a choise since you don't
PnKnG: care
EaterofSouls101: inculding being left alone
EaterofSouls101: ...
EaterofSouls101: i dont care about a banking system
EaterofSouls101: not just everything
PnKnG: you have no freedom. you only have the illusion of freedom.
DivineStrike: see the thing about freedom PnKnG is that a person can do what they want good or bad they dont even have to do anything at all
EaterofSouls101: as long as im happy
EaterofSouls101: thats freedom to me
EaterofSouls101: why get caught up in extra bs
DivineStrike: and what would you replace the current system with PnKnG
EaterofSouls101: pnk
EaterofSouls101: plz say what freedom is
EaterofSouls101: ?
DivineStrike: if you choose to accept the current system thats freedom if you choose to rebel against the current system that is also freedom what ever you decide to do is freedom
DivineStrike: so as long as your able to do what YOU want then that is freedom to you
PnKnG: nothing. as long as we use anything to "pay" for something are bound to the person you buy from.
DivineStrike: it doesnt neccesarily mean that is what everyone else wants to do
EaterofSouls101: pnk what is freedomm?
DivineStrike: PNK what would you replace the current system of capitalisim with?
EaterofSouls101: divine wait
PnKnG: freedom is when you can truelly do what you want without being bound to something but your own comen sence.
EaterofSouls101: so your saying
EaterofSouls101: free from yourself?
EaterofSouls101: free from a consince
PnKnG: we need to get away from capitalism.
EaterofSouls101: free from emotion?
EaterofSouls101: and free of common sense?
PnKnG: capitalism is what brought us to this point in the first place.
EaterofSouls101: without common sense
EaterofSouls101: you would die in days
EaterofSouls101: no wait
EaterofSouls101: not days
EaterofSouls101: hours
PnKnG: and a current system WILL ALWAYS collapse at one point or another.
EaterofSouls101: everything will coolapse at one point or another
EaterofSouls101: but what makes the difference
EaterofSouls101: is how long you last
EaterofSouls101: look at britanna
EaterofSouls101: its just about the oldest country there is
EaterofSouls101: but its still gonna fall soon or later
PnKnG: it a filosovical question what true freedom is.
DivineStrike: china is the oldest country
EaterofSouls101: wait let me google it
EaterofSouls101: lol
EaterofSouls101: and pngkng being free is doing want you want
EaterofSouls101: thats the simplest thing
EaterofSouls101: the feeeling of emotion or common sense
EaterofSouls101: u cant be free from that
EaterofSouls101: thats being human
PnKnG: 🤦
EaterofSouls101: Ethiopia and Egypt
EaterofSouls101: is the oldest
EaterofSouls101: what r u face palming about?
EaterofSouls101: oh no
EaterofSouls101: the oldest country is San Marino
DivineStrike: PKG what is the alternitave to capitalism
PnKnG: your ignorace. You asume that society would just collapse.
EaterofSouls101: pnkng all things come to a end
DivineStrike: "and a current system WILL ALWAYS collapse at one point or another." this is a direct quote from you PnKnG
EaterofSouls101: its basic law of humanity
DivineStrike: youve contradicted yourself
PnKnG: DS. I don't know how to put it. there is no word for it.
DivineStrike: what is the system you would want
DivineStrike: tell me
DivineStrike: Annarchy?
EaterofSouls101: oo i like annarcgy
EaterofSouls101: xDD
EaterofSouls101: jk
DivineStrike: yeah unless you strong and well armed good luck staying alive a long time
PnKnG: basiclly no-one owns anything and everybody owns everything. If you want something it will be made on demand. it will be built to last as long as possible. everybody accepts everything. only problem with that is the human mind is still bound to old...
EaterofSouls101: 1 problem with that pnkng
PnKnG: standard of owning something.
EaterofSouls101: inorder for that
DivineStrike: whos making everything PNK
EaterofSouls101: you need no selfness
PnKnG: let me finish for christ sake
EaterofSouls101: no laxy people
EaterofSouls101: lazy*
EaterofSouls101: ok finish

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The Ulimate Showdown of ultimate debaitness (#2)
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