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 Terminator Salvation Review

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PostSubject: Terminator Salvation Review   Fri May 22, 2009 2:18 am

So i saw Terminator Salvation at one of the midnight screenings on Wednesday the 20th and heres the review.
I apologize in advance for this posts length.

I just saw Terminator Salvation, and found it to be an enjoyable movie it had a lot of nice homages to the first 3, and had a really pleasing cameo. Christian Bale's performance as John Connor was satisfying although he didn't have a lot of development throughout the film. Sam Worthington's performance was great as well and he was a believable tough guy action hero and id like to see more movies with him. The story it self is pretty good not great but good enough the movie starts off a bit slow and has a rather odd pacing, but it falls into step nicely and some latter scenes in the film will have you very excited. This movie definitely has a different feel that the other installments in the the series, but i believe its a welcome departure from the time travel format of the others that was getting a bit tired. The film is really just about how John Connor is trying to save is soon to be father Kyle Reese from skynet and Marcus Wrights journey to find out who he is. with a sort of side story with the resistance leadership, and the creation of the T-800.

When I got home I did what I do after every movie I see I peruse the internet and see what others thought, and let me just address some of the major complaints of the film.

First off most people were saying that this film didn't have a lot of soul or humor, and let me just say that are you gonna find a lot of stuff funny after the worlds been nuked and your being hunted by machines? I know I wouldn't be finding a lot of time to crack jokes.

Next people were complaining that the world was colorless and dreary. All I have to say is really? The worlds been nuked and your expecting everything to be nice and colorful and not burnt to a crisp. If anything I didn't feel the world was dreary enough it was far less dreary than the scenes of the future war in the original terminator movies.

The next major complaint was that the machines were big and bulky and looked low tech and not as shiny as the terminators of old. to those who complained about this let me just say PAY ATTENTION TO THE MOVIE THESE ARE OLDER TERMINATORS THAN THE ONES IN THE OTHER MOVIES. Its like the people who complained about this just think that their shiny new laptop just appeared one day without any room size vacuum tube calculators or apple 2's coming before. there's a progression in tech I'm glad they didn't make the "New" old terminators look newer than the "Old" new terminators that were in the other movies. That was one of the many things that bugged me about the Star Wars prequels was that the older stuff in episodes 1 through 3 looked more high tech than the stuff that's supposed to come after it. also people were wondering why the T-600's and 700's were wearing clothes my answer to this that was sort of demonstrated in the film is that from behind or afar they can be mistaken as human.

One of the complaints that I totally agree with is the PG-13 rating I mean what the hell. All the other movies were rated R this one should have been R too. There wasn't an F-Bomb uttered which let me tell you I'd be dropping all the time if I was being hunted by machines. A nice topless scene featuring Moon Bloodgood was also removed to make the PG-13 rating, as well as a lot of the blood and gore removed. I know they're trying to get the kiddies to see it, but come on at least release an R and PG-13 version at the same time so the fans can see the real movie. So I'm looking forward to the Unrated directors cut on DVD.

One of the final complaints was that there wasn't really an ending, but I think it wouldn't really have made sense if there was one because they haven't won the war yet. You have to remember that this is just part one of a trilogy.

I'm looking forward to a continuation of the story and for some nice improvements in the next installment because this movie definitely wasn't perfect but it was an improvement over the almost campy T3.

So if you like Terminator or even just action movies go see this. I give this film and even 4/5 stars.
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PostSubject: Re: Terminator Salvation Review   Fri May 22, 2009 7:22 am

i might go see it today
gj on teh revive

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PostSubject: Re: Terminator Salvation Review   Mon May 25, 2009 6:09 pm

Great review man.
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PostSubject: Re: Terminator Salvation Review   

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Terminator Salvation Review
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