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 AVP Alien Vs Predator Part 2 (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

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PostSubject: AVP Alien Vs Predator Part 2 (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)   Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:21 pm

Lately i watch alien vs predator 2 watching it and see it again was pretty good to see the predator PWNED some alien n00bs. But now there some the predator didnt know but he see on a transmission a creature that's not aalien nor predator it is .....the Prealien Hybrid. which looks something like the alien queen with some predator like features like the dreadlocks and the weird finger things on its face (like this thing to the left)


At the end of the movie AVP 2 (SPOILER ALERT !!!!) the predator and the prealien hybrid have their show down to see who is the better creature. but they both die and then the area they fought in the small town was NUKED by the goverment weird ending and also the goverment just nuked to stop the spread of their war on our planet.....for now lol!
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AVP Alien Vs Predator Part 2 (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)
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