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 New Bug Released for Xbox 360: E76

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PostSubject: New Bug Released for Xbox 360: E76   Fri Mar 27, 2009 3:40 pm

Microsoft has released a new bug for their successful Xbox 360 console, complementing the popular “Red Ring of Death”, which for years has been ensuring a steady stream of broken consoles are supplied to end users.

The new bug, known only as “E76”, adds an exciting new graphical element to the business of sending consoles to Microsoft’s support centers; Microsoft describe the problem:

“One part of the power LED lights up, but additionally the error message ‘E76’ will be displayed on screen. The cause is quite different to that of the ‘Red Ring of Death’.”
Microsoft asks that those afflicted send their consoles to a support centre in the usual fashion.

i know it looks bad for xbox360 fans but i posted it cuz i want the pic front for my xbox...

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New Bug Released for Xbox 360: E76
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